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Nosram ISTC

Are you ready for the speed force?
The superior brushless technology is re- loaded and conquers the market by storm with the all new NOSRAM Pearl version 2 speedos. The forefront NOSRAM brushless system features the maximum of power, perfect setup functions, smallest size and an unequalled controllability. The NOSRAM Pearl speedos combine the experience of European and World Champions to make them the must have speed controls!
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Type: speed controller 1:10 all-road
Note: this component requires a full-option chassis
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Nosram stock spec

The NOSRAM brushless systems are the leading technology featuring extraordinary power and super smooth thottle response. The matrix evolution ISTC represent the peak of today´s brushless speed controls for touring cars. With the optimized xps.2 software, smart-temp-readout-system, big power capacitor, launch control and all of it´s other special new features it is the perfectly tailored speed control for huge power and reliability demands in todays touring cars.
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Type: speed controller 1:10 all-road
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