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C2013 Reedy 4s 14.8V 6500 mAh  

Reedy 4s 14.8V 6500 mAh

Reedy LiPo 6500mAh 65C 14.8V Competition Battery Reedy's 6500mAh 65C 14.8V competition LiPo battery is all-new for the 2015 racing season. Competition-tested and developed by the racing team, this battery features high capacity for maximum duration on large 1:8 tracks, with a 65C rating for maximum power output.

Designed specifically for competition 1:8 electric buggies and truggies, this battery fits a variety of chassis brands. Reedy's molded hard case protects against crash damage and a T-plug connector minimizes resistance and increases power output.
Scale: 1:8
Surface: all-road
Car classes: 1:8 Rally X, 1:8 Electric buggy
Note: this component can only be used with a full-option chassis, not with a Spec chassis

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