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C1367 OS 21 VZ-B V-Spec T M  

OS 21 VZ-B V-Spec T M

Mid-range torque spec. The raw power to exploit a split-second opportunity is there, tempered by the ability to fine-tune and finesse throttle control to the needs of different tracks and situations. And to help keep the 21VZ-B V-Spec-T (P) at the peak of its power, O.S. has given it a billet aluminum piston, hardened ABC sleeve for added wear resistance and a new crankshaft design that's simultaneously slimmer and stronger than any O.S. crankshaft ever made. The 21VZ-B V-Spec-T (P) — designed for first-place finishes over the long haul — from O.S.
Scale: 1:8
Surface: on-road
Car classes: 1:8 Nitro on-road sportscars, 1:8 Nitro NASCAR Truck
Note: this component can only be used with a full-option chassis, not with a Spec chassis

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