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C1213 Sphere Competition TC-Spec  

Sphere Competition TC-Spec

At present, it is the high power touring cars that are making the biggest demands on power and reliability of brushless speed controls. But now LRP electronic is proud to release the all new SPHERE COMPETITION TC Spec Brushless + Brushed speed control — the next milestone for the future of RC competition racing: BRUSHLESS! This speed control represents the peak of today´s brushless speed controls for Touring Cars, with all its high-tech features and specially selected electronic components.
Scale: 1:10
Surface: all-road
Car classes: 1:10 Electric on-road, 1:10 Short Course 4WD, 1:10 Electric NASCAR Truck, 1:10 Electric Drifter, 1:10 Electric Basher & Crawler
Note: this component can only be used with a full-option chassis, not with a Spec chassis

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