Welcome to the WestCan OffRoad RC Club

Off Road racing done the Canadian way. Challenge each other from Province to Province and see who comes out on top.

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Club name: WestCan OffRoad RC Club
Created: 10.08.2012
Manager: Robert Sorjonen
Country: CA Canada
Home track: Silver Dollar 2 AMain
Members: 87

5 Man Lan + online players added: 04.11.2012

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05.11.2012 [11:03]
Will, way to go. Seems you guys are having fun. You combined the 5 LAN with internet mp then?

Collisions off takes away the fun of running into each other but also the sometimes erratic collision that occur because of the lag. On LAN only you don't have this problem so I suppose you do LAN sessions with collision on?

05.11.2012 [06:49]
Great !
04.11.2012 [17:37]
Yeah we did this last night and the host seemed to have a good enough connection to handle 9 players easily. One thing we noticed is that if you take collisions off the game is less laggy and much more enjoyable. Although not very realistic when getting rubbed out :P

Another thing we noticed was that it's better to be wired into a Router than trying to go wireless so many headaches heh
04.11.2012 [07:27]
Are you doing this as a multiplayer session?
Very nice!

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Will M
CA Canada
Member since 03.10.2012
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1:10 Electric on-road Spec
9.13 (Sport)

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