Welcome to the FIFE RC Racers

Welcome to my club. All VRC Racers welcome,I will try to have events on all tracks with different scale's to suit everyone throughout the year.

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Club name: FIFE RC Racers
Created: 04.02.2012
Manager: David Rumgay
Country: GB United Kingdom
Home track: Toluca Pegaso Raceway
Members: 33

Alexander P added: 23.08.2012

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24.08.2012 [16:53]
Posted by: Riaan Rowan (ZA) on 24.8.2012 15:15:47 (UTC) If only I had the balls to do something as crazy awesome as that !

24.08.2012 [16:15]
If only I had the balls to do something as crazy awesome as that !

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Alexy F
IL Israel
Member since 17.09.2011
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Best class:
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1:10 Nitro on-road Spec
8.06 (Club)

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Alexy F

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