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Club name: 1-8.dk club
Created: 08.12.2011
Manager: Pelle Culmsee
Country: DK Denmark
Home track: Luxembourg
Members: 19

XTR track added: 13.01.2023

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24.06.2024 [06:28]
Siempre aparece el tonto que no se entera de nada.

Stock = STOP
24.06.2024 [04:45]
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11.06.2024 [08:10]
It is prohibited to use my video pages to advertise anything!
10.06.2024 [05:22]
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30.03.2023 [13:50]
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Jose M M
ES Spain
Member since 23.06.2011
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1:8 Nitro NASCAR Truck Spec
10.00 (Pro)

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