Welcome to the Sportscar Club

Here you can practice and compete in these 1:8 Nitro and 1:12 and 1.10 Sports cars Class. To help And improve in these classes.
Prac­tice doesn’t make you per­fect. It makes you bet­ter.

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Club name: Sportscar Club
Created: 09.10.2017
Manager: michael Zappa
Country: GB United Kingdom
Home track: Halifax
Members: 58

Neo 17 added: 22.02.2019

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16.10.2021 [09:46]
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About the author

michael Zappa
GB United Kingdom
Member since 26.06.2017
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Best class:
Skill rating:
1:10 Nitro on-road Spec
9.72 (Pro)

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