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Hi, My Name is Kevin and I am a Real life RC Racer who plays VRC and it has personally taken me to the next level in real life racing.

THIS CLUB - will be focused on Modified E Buggy Off Road Racing

2017- Cole Ogden Joins
2018- Joe Bornhorst Joins
2019 - Face book Page Created- pm to join Add: Kevin Grodzinski
2020 - Ray Bressingham elected for Vice President of Club Tire King

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Created: 29.08.2017
Manager: Kevin Grodzinski
Country: US USA
Home track: Silver Dollar 1 AMain
Members: 499

RC Car | Park drifting added: 23.01.2021

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06.07.2021 [15:15]
This video is awesome! I want to post it on my https://www.bestdissertations.com/ website. I hope you don't mind that.

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30.06.2021 [07:56]
windows can be new world for vrc games as it introduced the new android support into windows 11. Here Extra Tricks you can find the latest android apps that support windows
22.06.2021 [08:16]
Cars drifting and racing short movie is shared. I didn't mean that this relates with the hnd assignment help , I just record the video and now i want to make different racing movies which you show us here on the page.

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Garrigueta R
ES Spain
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1:8 Nitro NASCAR Truck Spec
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