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Hello to all. I created this club with the intention to organize races in all classes ! I would try different solutions of the race, with a short time as one or three minutes or with long time as fifteen or thirty minutes, with qualifying and finals, in a single race, or in a mixed race !! I hope this will please you, so that we can have races with many drivers!

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Club name: VRC PRO Fans Club
Created: 21.05.2014
Manager: Massimiliano Tanturri
Country: IT Italy
Home track: VRC Super Speedway Short
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Setup 1:10 Electric ISTC mod Carpet 6 JPH 17.0 added: 31.12.2016

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Associated with track: VRC Carpet 6

Hi, this is my best setup so far.
Best lap 16.7, average 17.0

Enjoy :-)

Attached file: type=CAR, size=1.4 kB click to download


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02.06.2021 [03:46]
Hi! I have an issue with this setup. The car´s battery only resist 2 laps. Do you know how can i solve this? Thx!
01.01.2017 [12:17]
Thanks, i will try if for sure since i suck making setups :P

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Andrea G
IT Italy
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1:8 Rally X
9.96 (Pro)

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