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Hello to all. I created this club with the intention to organize races in all classes ! I would try different solutions of the race, with a short time as one or three minutes or with long time as fifteen or thirty minutes, with qualifying and finals, in a single race, or in a mixed race !! I hope this will please you, so that we can have races with many drivers!

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my setup 1.8 added: 31.12.2014

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Hello :-)
it is my exact setup for Oslo,
i have "always same geometry" for all tracks, only change gearing, spoiler and brake depend track,
hope it help friends and others racers, bye

*it is a mix of Jose Macia/Brian Poliseno and Jakub Rosicky , i would like to thank them all 3 very much a lot for always helped me with best advices and it is their result both 3.

put the file:
C:/User\Documents\Virtual RC Pro/setup and find the car on you setup on game, name "Osloslo".

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25.07.2021 [03:38]
Thank you Alex
I understood about what you said
Good luck and see you again in near future on the track

24.07.2021 [18:48]
all 8mm ride eight are ok and same more or less.We talk about mm, not cm. even 9 is ok. no 7mm
75 70 is my set, usualy pilots have 76 70 who is very good too.
need very huge amount laps see diference all this.

it is not best car, it is my set results of years laps, but for me! then people adjsut for them, as brake is personal, not because have same car than me people will reach my laptimes. need adjust months after months of practice.
good luck then and having fun is primary ;)

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24.07.2021 [08:58]
Thank you for a good car.
I succeeded in improving the time with this car.

I have one question.
Tires must be R7 6.0 F7 0.0 to get a ride height of 8.4 8.4.
I couldn't do it with ride height 8.4 8.4 and tires 75.0 70.0.
I'm wondering if this is okay.
Both have a good feeling.
22.07.2021 [17:01]
i will update this later some errors i saw due to bug changing value ride height when on track and change value brake when tires are consumed. (makes the ride height changing) value is 8.4 8.4 at start
21.07.2021 [17:01]
Thank you for the accurate advice
I changed it to your setting and it became easier to drive
I hope to see you again soon
24.08.2018 [11:51]
check if in file "setup" when you open it, if there are already some setup by default of the game, if not, you are not in the good file, it is doc>games>vrc>setup(open it to see if Something)

once done, restart the game, then go to 1.8 sportcars modified, brand serpent 966, then the car appears named osloslo in blue.
select it, then go to "setup sheet" & add some brake to 25, as mine is 20 & not fit well newcomers. see u on the tracks! :)
23.08.2018 [02:53]
Hi, thanks for the setup! I put the file in vrc pro setup and would like to try but cannot open. Any help would be appreciated.
28.06.2018 [20:05]
merci bien avec plaisir lol
25.06.2018 [23:52]
super set-up. Merci beaucoup de partager ton set-up, c'est une aide précieuse pour progresser
02.04.2018 [19:21]
I always get help. Thank you
21.03.2018 [20:20]
thx for the set up really helps :)
28.01.2016 [20:04]
thank you very much Patrick :-) there is few mistakes on settings i just saw, i will change it later but this one is "safe"
->put downstop front at zero and not -0.1
btw, i wish you happy new year 2016 and all good for you and your family, cheers.

Edited by author: 3.6.2016 13:52:50 GMT
13.10.2015 [08:36]
Hey Alex. This Setup is 100% perfect. Thanks a lot - Alex Guillot :-D
25.09.2015 [10:11]
ahaha thx Ritchie, i have very good teachers:
Jose, Brian and Jakub :-D thanks to them.
25.09.2015 [02:55]
Fast :)

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