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Rx8-Nico Loriot setup for all track!! added: 27.05.2014

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Associated with track: Rhein-Main

Hi, here my setup of Rx8 what i use on all the track, i think it feels awesome ! :-D
Attached file: type=CAR, size=1.4 kB click to download


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13.10.2015 [15:45]
svp une capture d ecran ^^
01.02.2015 [23:22]
won't load for me due to out of required parameters does it meet the new restrictions ?
31.01.2015 [14:41]
Dommage le réglage doit pas être mal mais je n'arrive pas à ouvrir la pièce jointe en format ASHX.
07.12.2014 [04:22]
can you do a screen shot please
24.11.2014 [20:08]
Bonjour, comment fait on pour mettre un téléchargement sur le jeu???

Je suis novice ;-)
05.11.2014 [15:10]
Can someone please do a screen shot please?
27.07.2014 [14:23]
Javan, I'll give the shoebox racing a try if you do..
Thanks for the setup Nico, it helped push me in the right direction with my Neo setup.
27.07.2014 [11:17]
I've seen your screenshot, the one from BETA?
not sure I can run that fast consistently though.
I never really liked SC that much. maybe ill have another go at it soon
25.07.2014 [22:24]
Your Welcome!
i'm just a very little bit lower you ;)
28,794sec you have to beat ;)
If you want i've got a screenshot
Otherwise, why do you not run on sc?
25.07.2014 [22:09]
Just ran this on the NEO. Got a PB of 28.8 so very happy, Thanks very much Nico.
Only change was the steering angle. Just lowered it a little bit becasue it was a little twitchy.
29.05.2014 [10:59]
Can you do a screen shot please

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