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NX8-R 2015 Montpellier SETUP SHEET added: 17.02.2015

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Associated with track: Montpellier

Hi Guys. Here is my NX8R Buggy Montpellier Setup :)


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21.01.2017 [12:31]
I tried this setup and it doesn't suite my driving style. Car is really hard to turn entering the corner and shock are too stiff, if i go out the track, the car immediately make a flip over...
but gearing and carburetor setting is really good, great power but not too much in this slippery track, consumption is fair .

Thanks for sharing !
20.04.2015 [18:41]
Dave Webb if you click on the picture it will make it bigger, right click mouse then click on print. not sure if you done it this way at first but this is what I do and it comes out fine.
25.02.2015 [04:42]
I tried printing out this setup sheet and it comes out all blurry and unreadable. Any way to get a readable copy? THANKS

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