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Buggy 1/8 added: 23.12.2013

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Associated with track: Psycho Nitro Blast 1

my settings, base was a "RX-8 basic setup". feel free to try, Feedback welcome...
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07.11.2014 [21:21]
it's a very good setup even for reverse.
Thanks for posting it
24.03.2014 [06:57]
how do you download and show these set up sheets
24.12.2013 [15:16]
Posted by: Edwin Wal (NL) on 24.12.2013 11:37:35 (UTC) Its realy great this buggy Thing i dislike is yesterday i buy the offroad pakage and today its free for all users , so i onley pay for the tracks`

Don't worry bud, you did not get scammed, that is only a Trial Period, call it X-mas present for all F2P members. As soon as the 8th buggy Worlds EVENT is over,.. so are the free buggies! So, you will still have yours,.. You will own your buggy for life now, so you have no worries! Everyone trying it for free this week will not have it next month. :D
24.12.2013 [12:01]
thx, i has tried with clutch nr.3, it's really better to control and my rounds are 1 Sec. faster! my new best is now 43.55.
24.12.2013 [11:37]
Its realy great this buggy
Thing i dislike is yesterday i buy the offroad pakage
and today its free for all users , so i onley pay for the tracks

What i think should be there for race is
An Oval dirt track no bumps and full trottle
and maybe , for the buggy Electrice engine and parts (BE GREEN)and clean
i love VRC i started to buy vrc money , and now im addicted to it
Sorry for my typing englisch i com from HOLLAND
See you on the track i hope
24.12.2013 [00:07]
It works good, but perhaps with the clutch spring "3" (one softer) it could be easier to drive.

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