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Club name: Swiss RC
Created: 13.07.2011
Manager: Hanspeter Roos
Country: CH Switzerland
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Tamiya Kakegawa Setup for 1:8 Nitro on-road Spec added: 30.11.2013

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Associated with track: Kakegawa Tamiya

I used this Setup on the "Tamiya Kakegawa" Track to finish in the Top10 in the Events "2013 SEASON 4 - 1:8 SPORTSCARS SPEC ROUND 4" and "2013 SEASON 4 - 1:8 SPORTSCARS ROUND 4".
And yes, this Setup is fast enough to finish with a Spec-Car and Spec-Motor in the Top10 of the Modified class!

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Philippe G
CH Switzerland
Member since 17.07.2013
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Best class:
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1:8 Nitro NASCAR Truck Spec
9.70 (Pro)

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