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Beginners - Hurry up and slow down... slow right down! added: 05.01.2014

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I thought I should elaborate on the standard advice on slow and steady, consistency is key, advice with a technique I've been using to help improve my skills which other newbies like me might want to try.

Take some time out of trying to go fast - ignore the clock completely.

Pick a track you want to focus on, and then in a practice session hold a fixed slow speed around the course - I mean real slow. Slow enough to get round the slowest corner of the track without slowing down any more.

Then just steer.

Just concentrate on the track and getting round cleanly. Concentrate on the sequence of corners and the wheel/stick movements you need to make. Resist the temptation to increase the throttle yet.

If you are off-road, resist the temptation to jump big or go for that 'big triple'!

Do this some more.

This should help to ingrain the general track layout into you brain and the sequence of wheel/stick movements you need to get around the track start to become automatic.

Watch the pro's (enter an event and watch some replays). Watch the lines around the track they are taking. Then go back to a practice session and do the same. Don't try and go fast, just aim to keep a good line on the track.

Then do this some more.

Only when you are consistently putting in clean laps, and keeping a decent line and position on the track, start to add throttle.

If things start getting loose and erratic, (and you find you are reaching for the spacebar again), back off the throttle, go slow again, do a few slow laps before you start to ease the throttle back in.

By making the steering function more of a reflex, you can then start to concentrate on when/where you can add throttle. I've learnt that you can't do it the other way around!

This takes a bit of patience and persistence, but I've found that this has helped me to improve my consistency and I not using the spacebar as often. I still have a long way to go!


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15.01.2017 [01:50]
Awesome tips and great idea to really learn a track. Thanks
26.01.2016 [12:57]
did you know there is a special feature in the game to let you practice from a particular starting point on the track so you can practice a certain section, series of corners or jumps over and over again.

With F1 you open the help screen with all the key-board short-cuts.
Alt-Specebar: creates the repeat point on the track
Spacebar: resturns your car to the repeat point
Shift-Alt-Spacebar: delete repeat point

Have fun with it!
26.01.2016 [12:16]
This is the perfect tip for beginners, i did this moderately and realized it definently improved my lap times! Nice!
14.01.2016 [22:50]
Slower = quicker

Take that physics!
07.01.2016 [16:22]
Posted by: Vladmir Slominski (US) on 3.1.2016 17:37:37 (UTC) It appears I am in need of a tutorial that will help me find the tutorial. Where the heck is the tutorial?

Under Support and at bottom of the page!!!

03.01.2016 [17:37]
It appears I am in need of a tutorial that will help me find the tutorial. Where the heck is the tutorial?
31.12.2015 [17:04]
Hi Guys, newbie here in VRC and also real RC racing. I though i would try and use VRC to better my driving skills. Is this doable? I mean, you think it will help?
Any advice is appreciates as I am really bad at this.
17.05.2015 [17:23]
I wish I would have seen this tip when I first started. My spacebar was getting quite the workout for a while. Then I started to watch replays of people who were putting in fast times to see what it was they were doing that I wasn't. It surprised me to see that it looked like they were driving a lot slower than what I was doing. They also weren't flying off the track every other turn like I was. After driving slower like you said, I noticed my lap times started to come down and my spacebar was getting less of a workout. I still use it a lot on Naxos though...that track is quite tricky. Excellent tip, and thank you for sharing it!
07.04.2015 [09:25]
Posted by: Chris Ramsey (US) on 26.3.2015 13:30:38 (UTC) I got a question about this though is this with a pistol grip remote or with a gamepad/keyboard. Right now I can't get the controller I want so I'm using a gamepad. I'm having a hard time steering and going way to fast. I'm not sure what settings are good for a gamepad

I use a pistol grip so it's easy to hold part throttle and take your time. To be honest, I think you'll struggle with on/off throttle from a game-pad (unless you can calibrate/map a trigger button which does have some progression (like an Xbox controller has).

In saying that there are some pretty handy guys on here who set some crazy quick times on a keyboard... I don't know how they do it!

Edited by author: 7.4.2015 8:26:10 GMT
26.03.2015 [13:30]
I got a question about this though is this with a pistol grip remote or with a gamepad/keyboard. Right now I can't get the controller I want so I'm using a gamepad. I'm having a hard time steering and going way to fast. I'm not sure what settings are good for a gamepad
29.09.2014 [11:10]
Thanks for this tip. I already found out myself that power ís not going to help me. This brings me to one question: How can I reduce the maximum throttle I can give in game to e.g. 50%? I don't see that option in the control options.

Edited by author: 29.9.2014 10:12:07 GMT
26.08.2014 [14:31]
I only started yesterday but the 1st thing I discovered is I can't currently lap as fast around MHS Raceway 1 with the full option SC truck as I can with the 13.5t SC10 4x4 stock!

I'll be trying your tip later Mike, thanks.
16.03.2014 [16:16]
I recently started playing vrc. At first I got the biggest motor/battery/esc etc you could. "thinking" better equipment will make me fast......


After reading this post I decided to "just slow right down".

Before reading this post I was constantly crashing, spinning out of control trying to make turns, jumping right off the tracks at different jumps.

So I started by just going with a 13.5t motor to slow me down. I then set the max throtle I could give in settings, at 50%.

This made me crawl around the courses. I could slam the throttle, but i would only be able to go so fast. I was able to maintain good solid consistant lines this way. Never crashes, never spun out of control.

After feeling comfortable i raised it to 65% max throttle. This was pushing the limits of where I would have to ease off the throttle at certain turns. I noticed though, that my lap times were consistant and a LOT quicker then I had ever run before with a huge (4600 motor).

I started realizing that slow is faster! well not per say, but momentum was the key. if you are wasting time calling the marshals, or recovering from a spin out, you are destroying your times, not to mention consistancy.

I am now able to keep my throttle at 100% and use bigger motors so i can clear triples or for the hole shots. I just know when I need to use that power and when to just keep momentum.

If your learning a a course, just use a small motor and limit how much throttle you have. drive it slow and start going faster when you are not crashing.

Your lap times will dramatically drop and you will no longer be in the bottom of the events.
25.01.2014 [06:25]
Same Here,.. I tried to drive in VRC like I do in real life,..(pull throttle and Go)but it never worked! Exact what you have written above, got me some much quicker lap times! Slow down, and go Fast!,.. lol
08.01.2014 [03:38]
Posted by: Wade Lazich (AU) on 7.1.2014 20:56:51 (UTC) Good tips there Mike, some of my fastest laps have suprised me as they didnt seem fast but were smooth, the smoother you are the less unsettled the car will get and the more momentum you will carry, keeping momentum is a big part of being fast.


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