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Stock = 17.5
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Each track will have three classes you can race one or all of the races. Just make sure you change your car so that you ahve the right motor for the right race

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Club name: Off Road Only
Created: 01.01.2013
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Associated set up silver dollar. Standard parts. added: 19.02.2013

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Associated with track: Silver Dollar 1 AMain

My set up for silver dollar. After trying many set ups and downloading a couple, I went back to my rhein main set up. Slight tweaks to diff settings, rear toe and 65% brake.

This is the easiest to drive set up I have tried yet and got my best 2 laps in a row on first couple of tries.

Enjoy and please rate, comment.

Tip, File goes into;-
Documents/Virtual RC Pro/CarSetup/**YourName*

Load set up from in the game :)

Attached file: type=CAR, size=1.2 kB click to download


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05.03.2013 [04:02]
I run it a bit higher yes. I'm no pro on this track though, I just find it easy to drive and pulls itself straight on power. Give it a bit of time. It likes being driven aggressively :)
05.03.2013 [03:34]
Yeh, I like it! Is very stable and predictable. After running a bunch of laps it grew on me. lol.

for my style of driving, rolling fast, off throttle into corners, felt like it didn't steer enough for me.Added a bit of Ackerman seemed to make it perfect for me.

Oops! I accidentally deleted my previous msg. DOH!!!

Edited by author: 5.3.2013 5:18:52 GMT
25.02.2013 [15:55]
My average lap is around the 33.5 sec mark. With my fastest being 32.6

I havn't had a lot of practice though so still finding lines and making mistakes in doing so.

Rhein is still my favourite track though, pushing sub 35 sec laps on their now.
23.02.2013 [20:53]
Can't load it as I don't have the chassis so can you post screenshot? What's your fastest lap/best run with it?
I have found an easy to drive setup that's good for being consistent, faster over a run than a tetchy one for being fast for a lap but easy to crash has improved my run times on this track, I've done 9 laps in 5:11.1
I run a setup very similar to the stock setup for this track at the minute.
I love this track it's my new favourite!

Edited by author: 23.2.2013 20:59:50 GMT

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