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Stock = 17.5
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Each track will have three classes you can race one or all of the races. Just make sure you change your car so that you ahve the right motor for the right race

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Club name: Off Road Only
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Home track: MHS Raceway 2
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New associated set up Rhein main. added: 09.01.2013

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Associated with track: Rhein-Main

Noticed there isnt many setup's for this. So here is mine.

I'm not the fastest driver but ive found this very easy to drive and stable. Please leave some feedback

(May not be twitchy enough for the pro drivers out their but I think it will help the intermediates)

Stock electrics. To have my exact setup I use tekin RX8 with Tekin 4600 motor and reedy lipo.

Thanks Richard malmoff. Basically your settings copied over with a minor change ;)

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22.02.2013 [17:08]
New diff settings for this set up. 25 rear, 40 mid, 100 front. Try it for a super agressive car that pulls straight on power. :) enjoy
17.02.2013 [15:09]
Glad you like it, I do have a silver dollar set up that is even easier to drive on their. Ill get it up asap. :)
17.02.2013 [03:36]
I like it. I haven't run it on RM yet, but with as slippery as Silver Dollar is, I used this as a base for that track and immediately knocked 2 seconds off my fast lap, 3s off my average lap, and my laps became MUCH more consistent!

The only changes I made were to run it with the 4000kv Pro 4, RX8, 17T and a BLUE body.
19.01.2013 [19:09]
It is very drivable, I changed the diff to 10/20/80

Ran consistent 37's smooth and easy, kicked it up and ran some 36's started getting close to 35's

Tried the same setting on Mikes 1 and 2 its is a good base for everywhere.

I think the Diff setting is driver preference and style.

Awesome set-up thanks for sharing
17.01.2013 [06:54]
I ended up only changing the ride height, to 27.3 rear & 29.7 front.
Also, the same setup worked awsome on Mikes 1. My laps were a little slower than my setup, but it is very driveable and smooth.

I recommend this setup for anyone just starting out, and also for anyone looking for a setup.
17.01.2013 [01:30]
I do like it, was a bit different style than my fav setup, but it worked. seemed very fast!
16.01.2013 [18:48]
trying it out,.. see you in game!

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