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Stock = 17.5
Sportsman = 13.5, 4000
Modified = 7.5, 8.5, 4600

Each track will have three classes you can race one or all of the races. Just make sure you change your car so that you ahve the right motor for the right race

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Club name: Off Road Only
Created: 01.01.2013
Manager: Brenden Landry
Country: US USA
Home track: MHS Raceway 2
Members: 11

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Short Course Mod Setup added: 22.06.2015

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Associated with track: Phoenix Fear Farm

Short Course Setup


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21.08.2015 [03:30]
Nice been using it with good results. I am a newb so I had to turn the steering down some. Thanks for sharing!!!
01.07.2015 [19:22]
I'm not early sure how the steam stuff works. But I'm pretty sure that's the problem. Maybe there is a way to buy the packs for the tires and motors separately.
01.07.2015 [02:30]
Ah. I got it through steam so maybe that's the issue.
30.06.2015 [16:29]
I'm not exactly sure why you can't run ion tires and the Pro 4 stuff. But it is probably because you either don't have the full version of the game, or you didn't buy the Pro 4 pack and Proline pack. It's way easier just to flat out spend the money on the full game if you plan on playing a lot.
30.06.2015 [04:57]
How were you able to get the pro 4 setup and ion tires.

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1:10 Short Course 4WD
9.87 (Pro)

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