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Setup Kakegawa added: 21.11.2013

Category: Car setup     Views: 6712     Rating:  
Associated with track: Kakegawa Tamiya

1:8 mod.

Edited by author: 21.11.2013 20:59:20 GMT


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12.07.2015 [03:25]
Thank you very much Jose for posting this setup. It helped me a whole lot.
05.07.2015 [20:28]
Hi JF, I hope you helps.
05.07.2015 [19:45]
Thank you very much Jose !
10.04.2014 [17:00]
Sandro, I'm glad you liked you.

Have fun.
A hug.
10.04.2014 [16:21]
Hello Jose! Enjoyed this setup to Kakegawa! Congratulations.
Thanks and big hug

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Jose M M
ES Spain
Member since 23.06.2011
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1:8 Nitro NASCAR Truck Spec
10.00 (Pro)

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