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My 34,392 setup for Rhein-Main Circuit added: 02.09.2012

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Associated with track: Rhein-Main

Try it and improve it! ;)
Let me know if find something that makes it faster, good luck.
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03.05.2013 [02:46]
I don't have that anymore...I cleared out all my old setups files, it became very full of old files I never used much. I just usually use default setup now only changing steer angle and gearing.
The 5/20/100 diffs work well I either use that or 10/100/35 or 30/40/80 and sometimes I can hit really fast times with 50/50/50 but with the 50 diff all the way across you really have to be sharp its really easy to get out of shape with that but can be very fast.

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02.05.2013 [19:30]
Sorry guys, don´t know how to make a screenshot and attach it. Check Kirbys member page I think he made one.
26.04.2013 [18:44]
Any chance at a screenshot? I'd have to buy almost a month's subscription worth of "parts" to even try this. :(
11.04.2013 [10:36]
awesome set up. was getting lost with my own set ups and once I switched to this, I was driving consistent laps all day long. Works great. Thanks
04.09.2012 [18:34]
Hi, I'm also interested in the set up but cannot open the file... Anyway you could take a snapshot of your set up sheet and post that as a jpg?

04.09.2012 [16:55]
could you post the setup with stock electrics/bodyshell, or the picture. Can't open that file without the tekin speedo:((
03.09.2012 [08:16]
Apperantly I was logged out, but it is my reply.

03.09.2012 [08:09]
David, I set it that way so you can make it turn in more with the throttle and modulate the line trough the curve. Try using a little throttle early in the corner and ease it gently on.

You can also lower steering angle to 32grd to make it easier to drive.
03.09.2012 [02:01]
Nice setup mate have to drive very carefull tho it loves to spin out on corner exit!
Mainly my fault tho right after the double bumps right after the big tabletop to much power and slide out.
35.2 was my best after 20laps. very close to how my old car use to drive till changed to more grip setup.
34s laps still think its imposible hehe

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