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Club name: * R/C United *
Created: 11.05.2012
Manager: Riaan Rowan
Country: ZA South Africa
Home track: VRC Carpet 1
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Driving technique added: 26.07.2012

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Associated with track: VRC Super Speedway Short

Dont be afraid to slow down a little to post strong laptimes Ive been playing this track everyday for the past month and have found that the only way to turn laps below 10 secs is to slow down and focus on hugging the corners... hope this helps someone out..


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10.03.2014 [17:19]
simple tips useful to me, thank you
13.11.2012 [03:39]
And don't completely release the throttle to zero during corning can help improve the lap time too.
11.11.2012 [16:02]
Good tip, this works well most all tracks I feel. I have been using this alot with Rhein-Main. Also, if you have been involved with alot as far as work or other aspects of life or other racing, its best not to try and run your usual pace with VRC, it can get frustrating and discouraging. I try to run like I have run when rested and alert and it just does not go well. Keep a clear mind and resting. It will pay off.
11.11.2012 [14:59]
Thanks for the tips guys, I'll give it go.
Love the term "corner smooching"!! :-)
27.07.2012 [14:45]
Posted by: Mark Earnshaw (AU) on 27.7.2012 0:34:19 (UTC) Hi Leslie, I agree corner smooching is the best way lol..

I was driving as hard as I could to try to get laptimes down not until I slowed down and smoothed out did I post the solid times..

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27.07.2012 [01:34]
Hi Leslie, I agree corner smooching is the best way lol..

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