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Remote Settings added: 10.04.2012

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Hi All,

In my short time being a VRC racer I've learnt that just as important as a good car setup is , so too is getting the right or the best possible remote settings.

In my experience , changing a parameter or setting by 1 point or 1% can give you 2 0r 3 tenths of a second per lap. I'm not saying it's always the setting of your remote that will help you improve , but it's important to practice as much as possible and play around with remote settings and try things!

work at trying different car settings , different remote settings and different driving lines , it all pays off later!

Kind Regards & Enjoy your VRC Racing Experience !


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20.08.2013 [01:20]

I just signed up for VRC about 3 days ago so im learning all the controls an settings myself but I have a couple tips that might help u with VRC and real RC Racing

EPA setting usually u real RC u take ur ERA down till the spindle just starts to move so it doesn't bind.. U should not be far apart in numbers from Right to Left adjustment's...
Then put the car on the track or ground so its straight like up against a wall, turn to wheel full lock so it will make a turn, give it throttle slowly an go 180 degrees then stop.. Then go an put ur foot an then turn the wheel an go back. If you cant make the turn u need to adjust ur epa till u can
That's a way to make sure ur turning radius is the same right to left on the car an radio..

so for the VRC pretty much to the same but use a mark on the track surface as marker.

Dual rate or steering rate will add or subtract both right an left epa the same amount at the same time with out disrupting the total turn radius a good way to make it easier to control ur cars handling if u have a lot of over or under steer...

Normally want about 3/4 - 1/2 lane width of steering
07.12.2012 [11:10]
Myself, I turn the steering angle all the way up in VRC setup, then I use the Steering Rate on my Transmitter. For full steering, keep it at 100%. For tracks with less sharp turns, try setting D/R down to 65%-75%.

Expo is kinda tough to explain, I see it as,

+expo will make control less touchy first part of movement but trade off is the 2nd part of the movement is more touchy.

-expo is the opposite, more touchy first part of movement, but the 2nd part of movement is less touchy.

example: steering is to touchy on a straight, so I go with +25 expo which in turn makes it so I have to turn the wheel almost twice as much to go a little left or right. However, from half steering to full steering, is going to be way more touchy.

06.12.2012 [19:49]
Andrew,I use different settings for all different tracks and cars,i use endpoint,steering rate and exponential adjustments only.total brake stays the same and turning angle stays the same. dual rate you will see is used to adjust steering to be exactly tha same both ways,especially on some older model remotes,dual rate is available when your car turns less right than left or the other way around and your steering endpoints are set the same or to the max. Dual rate can then be used to even this out.Hope this helps? It shouldnt have any effect in VRC though so dont stress about it
06.12.2012 [19:17]
What settings are you guys tweaking?
And is there an idiots explanation of dual rate?
I dont get the difference between it and endpoints. And why would you do that on a remote and not the steering setups....?
I confuse myself terribly when I think about it.
05.12.2012 [15:48]
Posted by: Henry Morris (US) on 5.12.2012 9:44:04 (UTC) I just cant turn good for the life of me

Don't get discouraged,its been 3 weeks I have been playing VRC and I am just starting to get to the point Riaan was speaking of, Consistant. Until you can drive around the track without crashing, setup changes won't really help much. For me, It helped bunches, to try the close up view(F2-F3). That gives you a different perspective of the track,you will find yourself saying, "oH, that is why that part is,....." Only do this to look at the track, then get back on the Rostrum. Another thing that helped me, was to just try and go slow around the whole track, and pick up speed as u go. crash, slow down, and do it again. Don't forget about the VRC Practice track, u can go in there and use the painted circles to practice drifting your SCT. Try to keep in one circle and go round and round. then try the bigger circle, smaller, go back and forth between the cones and see if u can gain some seconds doing that. Just keep racing, Keep practicing, You WILL get better, hope this helps!!! :D
05.12.2012 [10:55]
Wise and true words by the 2012 VRC 1/10 Nitro World Champ !
05.12.2012 [10:44]
Posted by: Henry Morris (US) on 5.12.2012 9:44:04 (UTC) I race with a 16 year old kid named Dakota Phend and he is amazing!!!

this kid is one of the world's best offroad racers, so don't expect to beat him any time soon;-)
05.12.2012 [09:55]
Henry thanx for the feedback,I think what's very important is that you firstly find a track like Carpet 2 and drive a bit to check your remote settings. Make sure the car is turning ok,not too tight and not too wide.Ensure you drive nice tight lines and shorten the corners as much as possible.Some people think fast is fast , sometimes slower is faster,heck almost all the time in fact! Slow down for tight and twisty corners,going flatout through a sweeper might make you think you're going fast,but sometimes that just loses you momentum for the next section of track. Once you find a good remote setting,work at just driving the track. Do not be fooled into thinking car or remote setup is all that's important-track time is! Settings will make a difference and help you gain laptime,but only once you can master the track. Settings will not give you 1 or 2 seconds faster per lap. Just find a good balance of settings and keep driving the track,once you get fast and consistent you will start finetuning your setups and gain those final few tenths to run at the top of the results sheets ! Best of luck !
05.12.2012 [09:44]
I do practice and I guess I just cant turn good for the life of me. A good idea would be like a test/trainer circuit, where you can learn a few things for the people brand new to this.

I race with a 16 year old kid named Dakota Phend and he is amazing!!! I pick the guys brain but it's like he is just a rock. Mt last race against him, he lapped me 2 times in 1 lap!!!!!!!!!! I was running a 39 second lap while he ran 20.1 I crash often and I am still working with setups. I dont understand all of them but I try.
05.12.2012 [05:54]
Pleasure,it really helps out when you're trying to find your way forward and I'm just glad if it helps racers in any way
04.12.2012 [21:28]
Good Tip Riaan, Thx.

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