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Club name: GT8-FRANCE
Created: 26.03.2020
Manager: Jacques Blanchin
Country: FR France
Home track: Clermont Ferrand
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Set up Buggy x Speedway oc added: 06.01.2014

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Associated with track: VRC Super Speedway Oval Course

With this set up in the time trial i got 13 laps in 2.03.797 with best lap in 9.366. I use this set up with 75% of dual rate of radio control and 30% of brake. I also use -50% of exponential steering. I hope it will be useful. ;-)
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06.01.2014 [17:56]
The banked curve with Buggy at Speedway OC is very difficult and you need a steady hand.

Thanks for sharing your setup with us.

Edited by author: 6.1.2014 17:58:22 GMT

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Massimiliano T
IT Italy
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1:10 Nitro NASCARTruck Spec
9.97 (Pro)

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