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Welcome to my club. All VRC Racers welcome,I will try to have events on all tracks with different scale's to suit everyone throughout the year.

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Club name: FIFE RC Racers
Created: 04.02.2012
Manager: David Rumgay
Country: GB United Kingdom
Home track: Toluca Pegaso Raceway
Members: 33

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Mikes 1 1-10 SC stock (NO 3DS) added: 27.03.2013

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Associated with track: MHS Raceway 1

(I just keep it for the record :-) )

my stock setup for mikes, hope it will help you to go faster ;-)

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01.04.2013 [11:32]
Welcome Edward,
I am happy that the setup fits your style and help.
31.03.2013 [19:25]
Completely different stock setup than what I was running, Very nice! Thanks for the share
30.03.2013 [18:58]
Congrats for the fifth place Donald, I wish I could go that fast with my setup :-) Unfortunately I missed the qualifying heats and stayed 75.

Thanks for the rating
29.03.2013 [23:08]
Very good, passed two guys in my main with this setup. Well if it holds up I made 5th place with your setup thank you.

I changed the gearing to 17/58

Everything else is yours, I was playing with bump stops on my setup this one was the opposite direction as mine so I thought I would give it a try. Glad I did it suits my style. Took 10 seconds off my race time.

Thank you for sharing.

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Panos Stavropoulos
GR Greece
Member since 17.09.2011
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1:10 Electric NASCAR Truck Spec
9.49 (Sport)

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