Welcome to the HOTRACE ® official club

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Welcome to vrc HotRace club.
We will do the famous HotRace cup here on VRC.
We will do 4 races, with 4 different classes:
1/10 EP Mod
1/10 EP stock
1/8 Nitro On road Mod
1/8 E-Buggy Off road Mod
Who win our HotRace cup in his class, will be our guest with Hotel/Registration and Race tire offered from HotRace at our HotRace Cup 2021.
Are you ready?

Also we will do some "Free Races"

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Club name: HOTRACE ® official club
Created: 22.03.2020
Manager: Mario Spiniello
Country: IT Italy
Home track: Messina
Members: 321

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1/8 Nitro Buggy Naxos added: 18.09.2022

Category: Car setup     Views: 288     Rating:  
Associated with track: Naxos

It's a setup I used for the 2020 VRC official main which I won, but is not Elite in terms of pace :shrug:

Edited by author: 18.9.2022 16:31:08 GMT
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Gary C
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1:8 Rally X
9.98 (Pro)

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