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Short Course Rhein main Easy setup added: 09.12.2022

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Might not be the fastest, but i dont like most twitchy setups here :)

Thanks to Hillman for providing the hillman mod setup, which was my starting base.
Might suit most new drivers to the game also struggling with making too many misstakes.
The right setup for me, is the one that fits your driving and matters big time in this game. it can take seconds of your laptime and add to your consistency. so i urge you to try all kinds of setups posted here.


- in control options set steering expo to -25%
- driving in camera mode rostrum 8
- stable 35 sec laptimes, certainly good for 34's.
- the body matters! dont change to the flow tek style.

Driving tips:

- you can go full throttle over the big jump, this setup wont act funny mid-air.
- keep calm & steady, dont overdrive. this setup will suit fluid drivers
- most time is lost/gained in the corners before the main straight, and the one after it.

i'm letting go of the gas on top of the astro hill to setup the turn downhill and want to be on full throttle just before the apex onto the main straight.
I drive on the right side in the shadow of the driverstand, and use this as a guide.
bcus of the camera angle, im now looking behind the car, to better judge my turn in point where the shadow stops.
Dont worry about the perfect line going into the first corner, make the jump in 1 go without incidents, thats the important bit :)

The whole middle sector i keep as tight as i dare, i just try to copy the fast guys racing against their replays, but cant really give any advice on lines. still learning myself :)
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09.12.2022 [21:56]
I also saved a replay of this Setup, but having some trouble uploading it

hope this link works:


or go to my profile > replays > search for 86567231.rpl

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