Welcome to the Thursday Nite Live!

We have live club racing weekly Thursday nights starting @ 8:30pm Central! No time trial racing here, only heads up real main events. We qualify during the week to sort people in to A, B, and lower mains. Then we bump 2 from each main up until it's showtime, the A-Main! Currently using spec e-buggy to keep the homework to a minimum and fun high. All mains will be 10 minutes with double A's.

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Club name: Thursday Nite Live!
Created: 07.09.2018
Manager: Frosty StClair
Country: US USA
Home track: Silver Dollar 1 AMain
Members: 112

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Nirto Blast 1 Setup added: 21.01.2020

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Associated with track: Psycho Nitro Blast 1

Hey everyone this is one setup I've been working on for a while I feel like it's easy to drive, and it works the best for Nitro Blast 1. You can run this setup on some of the other higher grip tracks as well. Also I have even made it into the 38's. Please give this setup a try and let me know what you think!!

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Attached file: type=CAR, size=1.5 kB click to download


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04.11.2021 [14:23]
Hi, what was your laprecord with this setup? Regards
29.03.2021 [11:14]
Posted by: Aidan Cone (US) on 28.3.2021 1:52:27 (UTC) I cant open the file

you can only load it in the VRC sim, you must have all components!
28.03.2021 [02:52]
I cant open the file
20.01.2021 [02:35]
Posted by: Andrew Loewen (CA) on 19.1.2021 19:32:35 (UTC) Could you add the setup file (for download)? thx!

I believe i got it. I will probably start posting my setups with the download from now on.
19.01.2021 [19:32]
Could you add the setup file (for download)? thx!
18.01.2021 [18:58]
I love it very much! thanks!
03.01.2021 [12:22]
yes its a very good setup! thanks!

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