Welcome to the Thursday Nite Live!

We have live club racing weekly Thursday nights starting @ 8:30pm Central! No time trial racing here, only heads up real main events. We qualify during the week to sort people in to A, B, and lower mains. Then we bump 2 from each main up until it's showtime, the A-Main! Currently using spec e-buggy to keep the homework to a minimum and fun high. All mains will be 10 minutes with double A's.

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Club name: Thursday Nite Live!
Created: 07.09.2018
Manager: Frosty StClair
Country: US USA
Home track: Silver Dollar 1 AMain
Members: 112

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SC 10 min added: 31.01.2019

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Associated with track: Heemstede X short course

only for 10min Race

Edited by author: 31.1.2019 16:11:36 GMT
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Jürgen H.
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1:8 Nitro buggy Spec
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