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VSYNC Off = 60+FPS added: 22.04.2013

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Disable VSYNC ingame & in your PC graphics display properties for 100FPS plus+.

*** Unless your display is capable of 120 htz or obove, VSYNC locks your FPS @ 60 to match your displays refresh rate. ***


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31.07.2019 [09:40]
Also note that Vsync buffers 3 frames, which results in 50ms of additional input lag on a 60hz monitor.
It would be better to setup a frame rate cap than to use vsync in terms of performance and input lag.
Even if you have only a 60hz monitor, but you manage to get 300fps, the car will react more quickly and smoother to your inputs.

08.07.2018 [12:34]
I experienced car stuttering and tried different graphics settings with no effect at all.

Seems that setting the camera damping (in camera options) to 0.00 solved the issue.
21.02.2018 [03:31]
I’m up around 270 to almost 300 FPS. 1080 graphics card
02.02.2018 [05:39]
Posted by: Nick Sublette (US) on 23.1.2018 4:04:01 (UTC) I'm getting 180 fps and my car is still uber choppy idk what to do

Try reduce the resolution, disable all features that make image better (eg. lowest texture, no shadow, no ....

If car feel better, add back the image setting one by one...

And suggest to turn off anti-virus, windows auto update...
23.01.2018 [04:04]
I'm getting 180 fps and my car is still uber choppy idk what to do
29.04.2013 [18:24]
Understand the intracacies of VSync (and hopefully curb the "VSync, yes or no?" debates!). Generally, if triple buffering isn't available, you have to decide whether the discrete framerate limitations of VSync and the issues that can cause are worth the visual improvement of the elimination of tearing. It's a personal preference, and it's entirely up to you.

You can see why people loathe it. You're playing your favorite game at 75Hz refresh and 100FPS. You turn VSync on, and the game limits you to 75FPS. No problem, right? Fixed the tearing issue, it looks better. You get to an area that's particularly graphically intensive, an area that would drop your FPS down to about 60 without VSync. Now your card cannot do the 75FPS it was doing before, and since VSync is on, it has to do the next highest one on the list, which is 37.5FPS. So now your game which was running at 75FPS just halved it's framerate to 37.5 instantly. Whether or not you find 37.5FPS smooth doesn't change the fact that the framerate just cut in half suddenly, which you would notice. This is what people hate about it.

If you're playing a game that has a framerate that routinely stays above your refresh rate, then VSync will generally be a good thing. However if it's a game that moves above and below it, then VSync can become annoying. Even worse, if the game plays at an FPS that is just below the refresh rate (say you get 65FPS most of the time on a refresh rate of 75Hz), the video card will have to settle for putting out much less FPS than it could (37.5FPS in that instance). This example is where the percieved drop in performance comes in. It looks like VSync just killed your framerate. It did, technically, but it isn't because it's a graphically intensive operation. It's simply the way it works.
Arkalius. http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=928593

Edited by author: 29.4.2013 17:36:32 GMT
29.04.2013 [12:03]
Strange... I believe V-Sync ON gives a much smoother framerate (LCD 1920x1200 @ 60Hz). If I have it OFF and disables shadows I can get about 170fps in some tracks, but I still experience some stuttering! Don't know if it is the CPU that is hitting the ceiling. With V-Sync ON everything is smooth even with shadows on (lowest setting) if I run with no opponents.

It seems very strange that the framerate would affect the cars handling, 60Hz should be more than enough to ensure good handling. The framerate itself should not affect the physics model. If it does it should be classified as a major bug! Most video games on TV's are restricted to 60Hz (NTSC) or 50Hz (PAL).

Edited by author: 29.4.2013 11:05:51 GMT
24.04.2013 [22:36]
in the past Giovanni write about V-Sync caused slippery car.

Please check this out:

24.04.2013 [21:23]
Running old CRT's @ 100-120htz or above was simple as most displays supported over 60htz, Without having to disable vsync making for great fps gameplay. LCD's being the most common today lock in at 60-75 htz making it a must to disable vsync for a better overall experience.

It just feels right running at 100+fps : )
24.04.2013 [20:31]
I feel the same. More fps are improve driving!
24.04.2013 [01:09]
I found there is a subtle difference to the controller input of my car with V-SYNC off, its much better! The screen may look better as 60fps (no tearing in background on fast movements) but the improved driving is noticable.

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