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Hi, My Name is Kevin and I am a Real life RC Racer who plays VRC and it has personally taken me to the next level in real life racing.

THIS CLUB - will be focused on Modified E Buggy Off Road Racing

2017- Cole Ogden Joins
2018- Joe Bornhorst Joins
2019 - Face book Page Created- pm to join Add: Kevin Grodzinski
2020 - Ray Bressingham elected for Vice President of Club Tire King

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Created: 29.08.2017
Manager: Kevin Grodzinski
Country: US USA
Home track: Silver Dollar 1 AMain
Members: 499

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Associated with track: Padova IBR

Club Tire King and VRC World Would like to Welcome Joe Bornhorst to the VRC E Buggy Mod World Championships for 2018. https://youtu.be/ENfhf4qxDnI

Joe is Ranked fastest Driver in the World for Gas and Electric Buggy and Truggy and SCT.

Joe is a true Professional to work with and it has been a great experience bringing him into the the world of VRC!

Please Welcome Joe and Give him a shout out as he is throwing down hard in the worlds and daily on Multi and Club Events! Please Watch Joe Video to meet the fastest driver in the world! https://youtu.be/ENfhf4qxDnI

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