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Hi, My Name is Kevin and I am a Real life RC Racer who plays VRC and it has personally taken me to the next level in real life racing.

THIS CLUB - will be focused on Modified E Buggy Off Road Racing

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Setup Carpet 3 - 1:10 electric on-road Spec (explained) added: 29.03.2017

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Hi this is my setup.

I took my last carpet 6 JPH setup and made some important changes.

Best lap 13.5 - average 13.8


The first and most important thing to avoid here is "bottoming" in the slopes, so ground clearance (higher ride height) and stiffer anti-roll barr.

Rear diff a little more tighten, it's carpet and with high grip, so more on-power sterring (not too much or the car won't turn in tight corners).

Maximum spoiler, generally on carpet works best and help the rear to stay sticked with aggressive style.

Body a bit forward (for more sterring). In wide open tracks it'is better a bit rearward.

Radio settings:
EPA Brake 85%
Sterring exponential -70%
Throttle exponential 0

Enjoy :-)

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28.06.2022 [22:21]
Thanks ~
03.04.2019 [08:43]
Thanks for sharing, Andrea! This is good stuff! :-)

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