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Hi, My Name is Kevin and I am a Real life RC Racer who plays VRC and it has personally taken me to the next level in real life racing.

THIS CLUB - will be focused on Modified E Buggy Off Road Racing

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Created: 29.08.2017
Manager: Kevin Grodzinski
Country: US USA
Home track: Silver Dollar 1 AMain
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Car setup 1:8 Electric buggy added: 06.03.2016

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Associated with track: Silver Dollar 1 AMain

Best result so far with this setup is 24 laps in 12:07.688 and fastest lap in practice 28.874
Attached file: type=CAR, size=1.6 kB click to download


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30.08.2019 [08:33]
it's all explained in the User manual at https://www.vrcworld.com/manuals/vrcpro/default.aspx
28.08.2019 [00:46]
hi I just got in the game. how do you race on the track? it only shows me the stats.
31.12.2016 [01:00]
put in My Documents/Virtual RC Pro/Car Setup/(your username folder)

then you can see it appear in the list when you "LOAD" setup in the game (make sure you've selected 1:8 Electric Buggy)
30.12.2016 [14:05]
hi im trying to get this set up, what is this file open with I can't figure it out. Please help me. I need to be faster
04.04.2016 [14:34]
Nice thank you, i wish you guys would post more E-Buggy Setups :)
09.03.2016 [19:04]
It may be better than the original setup, but I still find it a bit difficult to drive. There are room for improvement.
09.03.2016 [18:35]
thank you for this set up really big difference with standard set up, only after 3 laps i went 1 sec faster than my personnal best :)

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Robert Hillman
SE Sweden
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1:10 Short Course 4WD
9.89 (Pro)

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