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VRC Italia è un Club per Italiani su VRC Pro.

Su un contesto internazionale, questo club ha lo scopo di riunire e creare un microambiente dove si parla e si respira l'italiano.

In questo club si svolgeranno tutti gli eventi di OffRoad, invece se sei amante della categoria OnRoad entra a far parte di questo club VRC Italia - OnRoad

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Club name: VRC Italia - OffRoad
Created: 28.10.2016
Manager: Luca Albanese
Country: IT Italy
Home track: NEO-3
Members: 392

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Zecca3 e-buggy setup on Neo X added: 17.06.2017

Category: Car setup     Views: 2567     Rating:  
Associated with track: NEO-3

This is my setup, easy and fast, I hope it will be useful.

best lap 30.8

If you can improve it let me know ;-)

Edited by author: 17.6.2017 6:48:01 GMT

Edited by author: 17.6.2017 6:49:35 GMT
Attached file: type=CAR, size=1.5 kB click to download


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22.11.2020 [15:56]
I tried your setup and found it amazing...

About the author

Gabriele Zecchini
IT Italy
Member since 03.09.2013
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Best class:
Skill rating:
1:8 Nitro buggy Spec
9.79 (Pro)

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