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VRC Italia è un Club per Italiani su VRC Pro.

Su un contesto internazionale, questo club ha lo scopo di riunire e creare un microambiente dove si parla e si respira l'italiano.

In questo club si svolgeranno tutti gli eventi di OffRoad, invece se sei amante della categoria OnRoad entra a far parte di questo club VRC Italia - OnRoad

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Club name: VRC Italia - OffRoad
Created: 28.10.2016
Manager: Luca Albanese
Country: IT Italy
Home track: NEO-3
Members: 392

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How to open - view files .car setup added: 24.02.2017

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Posted by: Jim Merritts (US) on 23.5.2016 14:39:20 (UTC) Download the .car file. Then save it to the "Car Setup" Folder within the Game folder. Mine is in the "Documents" Tab/Folder. Then there is the "Virtual RC Pro" folder, within that is the "Car Setup" folder, Then another folder that is my name. Open that and you will see all of the setups within VRC for use. Save your file there. Rename it if you like when saving it so you know which file it is. When in the simulator and loading a car, your file will be there to use as long as it matches the vehicle you are trying to use.....As long as you know your way around a computer a bit, It's not that hard. Hope that helps.....Jim

Thanks to Jim Merrits for the tip.

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18.08.2020 [10:52]
Thanks Jim.
24.02.2017 [13:15]
you must place the .car file in the setup folder and then select the setup, you cannot open the file itself, is encrypted data.
24.02.2017 [07:02]
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How to open - view files .car setup car file use see download downloaded
How do I download .car files to view or load the setups

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How to open - view files .car setup

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