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Club name: Flying cars
Created: 21.09.2016
Manager: Pablo Izquierdo Lopez
Country: ES Spain
Home track: Fuencarral
Members: 72

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WORLDS SETUP added: 12.06.2024

Category: Car setup     Views: 148     Rating:  
Associated with track: VRC Carpet 6

Hey! I am sharing my base setup for this track, feel free to download it and make any changes.
Attached file: type=CAR, size=1.3 kB click to download


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Alvaro Diaz
ES Spain
Member since 07.09.2013
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Best class:
Skill rating:
1:10 Electric on-road Spec
9.73 (Pro)

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No progress??

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1/8th on road spec

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1:10 4WD段卡无限制级

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my 1/10 scale nitro spec setup

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race tip

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