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Club name: WRC Racing
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SC 13,5T 95% Track Record set-up. added: 13.06.2016

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90% break on D/R. Others are set to 100%
To get 95% track record, you need to apply a little extra throttle between the corners, saving maybe 0,5 sec each lap. If you cut the second-to-last corner before the finish, you can save 0,3-0,4 seconds but try to get a good feel on how the car behaves. Too much steering and you need to attempt again to get the right "flow" around the track for the fast lap times.
My best lap time so far is 14,483 with this exact set-up.

To be honest, swapping tires or body doesn't make much, if any difference at all. The only difference you can get in spec, is the settings or the battery(light, med, heavy). I prefer the 45C or 60C battery as they're easier to control.

Another thing you can do is to change the spur gear to 60. Got 14,5 lap with it and it feels easier to drive consistent with it.

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