Welcome to the * R/C United *

Let's Race! We aim to race as much as possible and we will share information and tips with other members in our Club ! We all enjoy the sport of rc racing , here we will do it together as often as possible and help everyone enjoy VRC to the max , on tracks around the World!

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Club name: * R/C United *
Created: 11.05.2012
Manager: Riaan Rowan
Country: ZA South Africa
Home track: VRC Carpet 1
Members: 842

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04.08.2013 [19:40] new
Nice run Riaan
05.08.2013 [06:15] new
Thanx JC , was the best I have done since coming back into VRC and actually very impressed. Spec of my pc , remote and usb adapter are not conducive to running fast/consistent times , so I'm happy with the result !
07.08.2013 [09:28] new
Sanjin , you are getting faster and faster !!!