Welcome to the VRC PRO Fans Club

Hello to all. I created this club with the intention to organize races in all classes ! I would try different solutions of the race, with a short time as one or three minutes or with long time as fifteen or thirty minutes, with qualifying and finals, in a single race, or in a mixed race !! I hope this will please you, so that we can have races with many drivers!

Club details

Club name: VRC PRO Fans Club
Created: 21.05.2014
Manager: Massimiliano Tanturri
Country: IT Italy
Home track: VRC Super Speedway Short
Members: 7711

Recent news

Best wishes

25.12.2015   0 comments


Merry Christmas and happy new year 2016 to all members of the club and all the world VRC PRO.

Double Race

26.04.2015   0 comments

Hello guys.
I thought it would be interesting to try to organize some events of the club with the qualifications and finals, with the difference from the official race that qualifying will take place in the reverse direction and the finals with the direction official.
So, this week I added some races with this solution.
I hope you will enjoy it.
Have fun and good luck to all of you.

Happy Holidays

25.12.2014   1 comment


Merry Christmas and happy new year to all members of the club and all the world VRC PRO.
Special thanks to all the participants in the races of the "VRC PRO Fans Club", great drivers, great races and great fun!
And a special thanks to the staff of VRC for their great work, which allows us to have a simulator fantastic !!
Best wishes to all for a great racing in 2015


30.05.2014   5 comments


Hello guys, I want to try to do also buggy races. The day 31/05/2014 will start a race buggy at Pattaya'12, the new track off road VRC. I hope you will enjoy it, so that in the future we can organize other races Buggy off in the club. Good luck to all!


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