Welcome to the North Fla. R/C Racers United

This club is exclusively for members of the North Fla. R/C Racers United group on Facebook. It is intended for members to gather together and race virtually whenever the weather does not permit live racing. This group will consist of all levels of racers, from novice up to professional, including some of the top racers in the South East USA.

Club details

Club name: North Fla. R/C Racers United
Created: 06.08.2013
Manager: John Bernard Jr.
Country: US USA
Home track: Silver Dollar 1 AMain
Members: 37

News detail and comments

First Event TBD


Welcome to the North Fla. R/C Racers United VRC Racing Club.

I am looking forward to future events. The first event is going to be at Mike's Hobby Shop 1. This is a free track that everyone will have access to. The date is to be determined because there are some awaiting USB adapters. It is also going to be a 17.5 event.

Stay tuned for further details to come as the club membership increases and everyone gets their adapters in.

Thanks for joining the club.


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Current Club Events

15.08.2013   0 comments

We currently have 3 events running. 2 Off Road and 1 On Road. Be sure to check the details and get y... read more

First Club Event Is Under Way

11.08.2013   0 comments

Qualifying has started for the first club event. The event is held at Mikes Hobby Shop 1 and have a ... read more

First Event @ Mikes Hobby Shop 1 17.5

08.08.2013   2 comments

The first event is going to be 17.5 at Mikes Hobby Shop 1 which is the free track that everyone will... read more




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