Welcome to the Titus Hobbies Reboot

A virtual reboot of the former track in Riverside, California. This will become a off-road club once that option is launched...

Titus Hobbies is planning a 2016 re-open as we are in the beginning stages of aquiring 10 acers in Southern California which will feature a indoor clay electric, outdoor grass infield 1/10 & 1/8th onroad, and tri-level 1/10 & 1/8 off road. property will feature 10K sqft shop and mixed indoor/patio pit area with snack shack.

Because of new development hurdles, such

Club details

Club name: Titus Hobbies Reboot
Created: 11.06.2012
Manager: Christopher Martin
Country: US USA
Home track: MHS Raceway 1
Members: 147

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Club News



As we develop this club, I will publish bi-weekly updates on VRC, and whatever our member are doing...


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Other news

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