Welcome to the Titus Hobbies Reboot

A virtual reboot of the former track in Riverside, California. This will become a off-road club once that option is launched...

Titus Hobbies is planning a 2016 re-open as we are in the beginning stages of aquiring 10 acers in Southern California which will feature a indoor clay electric, outdoor grass infield 1/10 & 1/8th onroad, and tri-level 1/10 & 1/8 off road. property will feature 10K sqft shop and mixed indoor/patio pit area with snack shack.

Because of new development hurdles, such

Club details

Club name: Titus Hobbies Reboot
Created: 11.06.2012
Manager: Christopher Martin
Country: US USA
Home track: MHS Raceway 1
Members: 147

News detail and comments

Getting the Club back on target



Well, I've slacked off as a club manager, and it's time to get things up and running again.
I was actually out of RC as I pursued other life journeys. Well, I'm back, and actually have a summer program were me and another former racer are introducing engineering to economically disadvantaged High School students. Don't worry, my partner teacher is the engineer, I'm just the IT who teaches one section of robotics joining in on the fun! I'll keep you updated...

This is a club, so if you have ideas for events, send them to me. I would also like to get some multiplayer race nights going, so I'll need a few guys to run them in Europe as well. When running one for the club, simply tag it "Titus Club Race"....


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