Welcome to the * R/C United *

Let's Race! We aim to race as much as possible and we will share information and tips with other members in our Club ! We all enjoy the sport of rc racing , here we will do it together as often as possible and help everyone enjoy VRC to the max , on tracks around the World!

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Club name: * R/C United *
Created: 11.05.2012
Manager: Riaan Rowan
Country: ZA South Africa
Home track: VRC Carpet 1
Members: 842

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Hi Racers ,

Welcome to our Club ! Here we aim to race , as often as possible ! We will have Weekly Events in all Electric Classes on our Club circuit , which is Carpet 1. We will also have various other events on circuits around the World ! We will have pre-World Series events to help us prepare better for rounds of the World Series. These events will take place before and during the World Series events , to keep our eyes and fingers well tuned !

Please be sure to give feedback , comments and suggestions on the Club and the Events , in order for us to improve where we can?

If at any stage you need advice or assistance , please be sure to contact me on VRC or at hpiracingsa@gmail.com and I will gladly be of assistance regarding any rc or VRC matters. I will also help with setup advice , otherwise follow the Tips & Knowledge posted by other members.

Hope to see you all at our Club Events and Enjoy Your Racing and Have Fun !!!

Kind Regards


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15.06.2012 [13:45]

Hi All , Off Road is hitting our pc's soon and I'm sure most of you can't wait !!! I am not an Off Road racer , but also very excited to try it out and be sure that we will definitely start hosting Off Road Events as soon as it's made available for us to race in.

Enjoy your On Road Racing till then.

Kind Regards
Riaan Rowan

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Hi All , Off Road is hitting our pc's soon and I'm sure most of you can't wait !!! I am not an Off R... read more




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