Welcome to the Ontario Off-Road Racers

Just a bunch of folks getting in some "winter wheel time". We race from late October until early Apr.


Club details

Club name: Ontario Off-Road Racers
Created: 19.03.2020
Manager: Brian Nesbitt
Country: CA Canada
Home track: NEO-1
Members: 189

Recent news

Week 4

28.11.2022   0 comments


Ah Pattaya, "a cuddly monster with sharp teeth" type of track... we love you, we hate you, we never want to see you again ... until next year! Taking a peek at a few runs, it looks like most improved their average lap time by 1-2 seconds from the dusty qualifiers to the high traction mains. Most also still had that 1 bad lap, and oh boy, when it was bad, it was awful++! That track is hard enough as is but much easier to stay consistent when the traction is high.
Marc-André Lemieux took the spec TQ by 2 seconds. Proving it was no fluke, he would follow that up with the A-main win beating me out by 0.7 seconds. Sneaky (aka sandbagger?? lol) Ryan Mckay moved up one position to take the final podium spot. Stephen Gagliardi would be the only one outside the A to hit 10 laps in the main as he secured the B-win victory. Also Scott Croz pulled it together for the main moving up 3 spots from 8th to 5th.
Young Nathan Glover walked in, dropped his gear on his table and got to work. He took the TQ and the A-main win ov... read more

Week 3

21.11.2022   0 comments


Packing up our pit tables this week we say good bye and good riddance to SCT (for now) and Buenos Aires! In Spec I edged out Marc-André Lemieuxe for TQ by 0.6 seconds! I took the spec mains with an 11 lap run, while Ryan Mckay with a nice showing, and a faster hero lap than me, moved up from 5th to finish 2nd and Marc-André Lemieux wrapped up the top 3. John Kennedy also moving up 3 spots from qualifying 10th in the A to finishing 7th overall. Anything can happen in the mains, and this week BQ Keith Chan dropped a spot in the finals while John Hollestelle posted a nice run to move up 2 spots in the main and took the B-main win home.

In mod qualifying it was Nathan Glover and Jason Ranni trading top spot a few times, but Ranni's speed and consistency eventually nabbed that TQ spot. Jason backed that up to show it wasn't just a fluke and only needed 1 calm and collected posted run to take first in the A. I think he even scared away Matthew Stacey this week 🙂 ! I tried to push Ranni's time but fell short wit... read more

Week 2 Report

17.11.2022   0 comments


That is a wrap on the big air Neo 1 track. The conditions sure changed from qualifying to the mains as the lap times decreased! Congrats to Matthew Stacey for taking the TQ and win (again!) in mod, with myself in 2nd and Nathan Glover in 3rd trying to compete with Stacey, unsuccessfully. Where are Andrew Bucar RC and Douglas Shewfelt to give him some real competition?!? Nice run by John Hollestelle to get the B-main win in mod. I took the spec TQ and win this week with Marc-André Lemieux pushing in 2nd and Ryan Mckay with the final podium spot. Stephen Gagliardi taking the B-main. We already have 30 drivers in mod, keep them coming!

2022 Series 1 starting Nov 1 and best 6 of 8 will count for points!

25.10.2022   0 comments


Weekly racing

Qualifying Monday - Friday
5 mins, 5 tries, 90% traction

Mains Saturday - Sunday
8 mins, 3 tries, 100% traction

** Drivers stand position only please **


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