Welcome to the Virtual Racing Events

We host live racing events to simulate real life large r/c events. All of our events will be broadcasted live to Facebook and/or YouTube. Everyone is welcome!

Our events will consist of 3 qualifiers, mains will be setup using quali-points, and we will bump 2-up from each main to the next.

First race up, 1/8 Nitro Buggy @ Fear Farm! January 19th, 2019.


Club details

Club name: Virtual Racing Events
Created: 09.12.2018
Manager: TNL Server
Country: US USA
Home track: Phoenix Fear Farm
Members: 89

News of January, 2019

2019 VRE Winter Champs Recap!

20.01.2019   0 comments


Was a great turnout for the first annual VRE Winter Champs in 2019! Over 30 drivers from all over the globe showed up to the event held at Fear Farm. 3 rounds of qualifying were ran using quali-points (best 2 out of 3 rounds counted) to seed the main events. The top 2 of each main would bump up to the next main, just like in real life.

Visit our Facebook page for the full recap! www.facebook.com/pg/VRCVRE

Winter Champs - Drivers Meeting

17.01.2019   3 comments

Hello all!

The race this Saturday is fast approaching. Here is some information you will want to review.

1. The 3 qualifying events will appear the morning of the 19th, approximately 1.5 hrs before round 1 starts. The reasoning behind this is to make this race as real as possible, keeping people from having too much time practicing on the varying weather conditions.
a. The weather ‘forecast’ is posted both on the club page, and our facebook page. This gives you a small range of the weather conditions. They will vary from round to round within this range. Or… will they? Maybe the conditions will be the same every round… it is mother nature after all, who can say what she will do 😉
2. We will use quali-points to setup the mains. That means the combined best 2 out of three rounds will be used to seed the mains. So we recommend not quitting a round because it starts off badly.
3. The way the VRC service works, is the host or ‘server’ takes up one of the 10 slots. This means the max number of drivers w... read more

VRE Winter Champs is getting closer!

03.01.2019   0 comments


Just a little over 2 weeks away, the first annual VRC Winter Championship will be held on January 19th! Couple of quick notes, there will be 2 ways to get the passwords needed to join the correct multiplayer main event. First one is joining our Discord channel. No need to talk but all the passwords will be posted there after the qualifiers.

The second is mass email from this club to all it's members. You may want to check your emails from VRC that are going to spam, and un-spam them. Or at very least remember to check your spam folder after the qualifiers to get your main event passwords.




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