Welcome to the Thursday Nite Live!

We have live club racing weekly Thursday nights starting @ 8:30pm Central! No time trial racing here, only heads up real main events. We qualify during the week to sort people in to A, B, and lower mains. Then we bump 2 from each main up until it's showtime, the A-Main! Currently using spec e-buggy to keep the homework to a minimum and fun high. All mains will be 10 minutes with double A's.

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Club details

Club name: Thursday Nite Live!
Created: 07.09.2018
Manager: Frosty StClair
Country: US USA
Home track: Silver Dollar 1 AMain
Members: 112

Recent news

When a Pro's in the race they take first place!

26.10.2018   0 comments


When a Pro's in the race they take first place!

Masrhall Kirkholm, one of VRC's top Pro's was almost flawless Thursday night. Taking the win in convincing fashion, Marhsall lapped everyone in the 20 minute main except 2nd and 3rd. And most importantly he did it without solid colored body! Looked like possibly an EZ Customs-Airbrush Graffix paint job cause it was as some others called it, “stellar”. I say bada$$ but that’s only cause I’m a normal human. 2nd place for the second week in a row was the 2nd Coral brother, Justin Coral with a solid run. Rounding out the podium was Frosty St.Clair in 3rd.

We are off next week, but back with live broadcasts November 8th when TNL heads back to Bueno Airplane for some modified nitro buggy action!

Bucar Dominates in Buenos Aires!

12.10.2018   0 comments


Andrew Bucar made his debut appearance count, he made it real hard like. Setting provisional pole, and then pole again in the official session, he had poles everywhere (that sounds a little odd, huh?).

Justin Coral brought it home in the 2nd spot, and another new comer, Marshall Kirkholm, starting out in the C-Main bumped himself all the way to the podium in the A-Main!

Tune in next Thursday, when Thursday Nite Live virtually visits Montpellier! Which is.. somewhere.. in the world.. probably France... possibly South Korea. But we can't be bothered to look it up on the Google).

Wooly brings home another!

05.10.2018   1 comment


After a slight brawl with his significant other over, ironically... food again, Jason Woolridge brings home the overall after a 1-2 finish in the double A-Mains at Fear Farm! We would have reached out to him for comment, but, we forgot and now there is no going back.

Woolridge doubles despite burrito!

10.09.2018   0 comments


Jason Woolridge took the win in both mains last week at Silver Dollar 3. But the first race wasn't easy, as Jason was afk throwing away his burrito (or some food source, there are several rumors and theories of what food it was floating around but nobody can be sure).

Brad Ripple and Jerry Dean Jr both led laps in the mains but nobody including Woolridge looked too interested in winning all night with lots of little mistakes. But in the end it was Woolridge on top!

*Burrito pictured is a dramatization of actual events.


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