Welcome to the "TIRE KING" - TROPHY RACING

Hi, My Name is Kevin and I am a Real life RC Racer who plays VRC and it has personally taken me to the next level in real life racing.

THIS CLUB - will be focused on Modified E Buggy Off Road Racing, Nitro Buggy Mod and SCT

2017- Cole Ogden Joins
2018- Joe Bornhorst Joins
2019 - Face book Page Created- pm to join Add: Kevin Grodzinski
2020 - Ray Bressingham elected for Vice President of Club Tire King

Club details

Created: 29.08.2017
Manager: Kevin Grodzinski
Country: US USA
Home track: Silver Dollar 1 AMain
Members: 513

News of March, 2019




Club TIRE KING Started it's quest of being an exclusive E Buggy Mod Only club around 2 years ago. https://youtu.be/JF6yMce20bQ

The original concept was to have the fastest guys on VRC compete on a club level on tracks they can prepare for official events club events or World Events.

This club was very hard to establish as it is very time Consuming Reviewing each racer before hand selecting for invites.

At the High point of the club The top guys were always the top guys so I set on a mission to recruit the best drivers. https://youtu.be/ENfhf4qxDnI

2018- Full Recruitment and on boarding and World Event - Cole Ogden - Full Time Pro Driver - Team HB

Alot of members ask How did I establish such a large club and the answer is that it was hard but fun and takes some balls to sit down and do it.

The rewards of being a VRC Club Owner

2019- Cole Ogden returns upon request and request Joe Bornhorst to compete along side with him in the 2019 Worlds.

The process began again with JOE B and getting him on VRC for the first time.

Luckly JOE B is an Gamer and had a gaming computer and very familiar with online so he hit the ground running and was also able to make the 2019 E Buggy Worlds and race endless multi player events, and Complete the Worlds doing very well.

Currently this club has the ability to give life time subscription to those dedicated and top seed of there racing ability in real life every year to make this club strong.

Next year's pro will be determined when the VRC worlds are published for 2020 and at that time. A pro racer will be contacted for a full VRC ride and to compete in the Worlds..

Hope you enjoy the club events and any questions just shoot me a pm on VRC.


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