Welcome to the JP Racing Club

Hello, this club is arranging races for both, off and onroad classes.
And yes, as im reporting and making videos some races inside the club.
Theres no special favourites what to record, ill just pick some races and record those. Of course participant amount will affect to my decision. So, be patient, race hard and you might see your run at JP racing videos.

Jupe from JP Racing Club

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Club name: JP Racing Club
Created: 10.01.2016
Manager: Jean-philippe Csernak
Country: FR France
Home track: Fiorano
Members: 399

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avatar photos for VRC PRO



Hello Friends

Ive done some avatarphotos for VRC PRO. Heres some samples of those what have i done. If you want one, i can send you the frame by email. Its coming of course without my photo and name, you have to use paint or paintnet program to do it ready.



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31.01.2016 [10:47]
Thanks guys, im perfectionist with everything🙂.
To be honest, i like to build up these.
But of course, what comes to that perfektionism...i try to be like this also at track...if i make mistakes...im guite furios to myself. Somepoint this perfectionist attitude is for good but theres also that darker side😀...

28.01.2016 [15:39]
super, this is what everybody should create for the profile image! Good stuff!
20.01.2016 [18:36]
Wowww Jupe !! Make one for me ??

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