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Registration: from 11/05/2009 [00:00] till 16/05/2009 [23:30]
Race: from 11/05/2009 [00:00] till 17/05/2009 [23:30]
Want to give the VRC on-line competitions a try? This is the race to enter. The RC Speedway is a FREE track, and there is no racing license required, so anybody can race! Nowq with all-week qualifying!

5 Minute qualifying from Monday till Saturday night, 30 tries! And the Main Final on Sunday, 3 tries. No need to sign up, you can just start your qualifying session directly from the VRC game: Online Racing -> Race Events and select this weekly event.

If you want to be informed by e-mail about the rounds of this event sign up at 'Notify me when event starts' button.

Enjoy this open, free to all competition!
Class: 1:10 200mm Sportscars
Series: not selected
Points: 1...100

304 Racer(s) are currently registered for this event Event is closed
Event results Time table  
Nations rankings
1.  Germany 326
2.  Japan 318
3.  USA 230
4.  Czech Republic 167
5.  Australia 123
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11/05/2009 [00:00] till 16/05/2009 [23:30]
AI cars: 3 - Club level | Duration: 5 min | Participants: All | Runs: 30 | Results: 1316
17/05/2009 [00:00] till 17/05/2009 [23:30]
MAIN FINAL Round results
AI cars: 5 - Expert level | Duration: 10 min | Participants: 80 | Runs: 3 | Results: 125